The Battle River Canine Association was founded in 1990 by two of our current members- Norma Jeanne Pohl and Elaine Nilson. Soon after, the club became a member of the Canadian Kennel Club.

In the beginning, the BRCA was made up of just a few canine enthusiasts who simply enjoyed working with their dogs, but through the years the membership has grown, as have the activities of the club. The club began by offering obedience classes, then hosted three Obedience Sanction Matches, which were required by the CKC in order to hold official Canadian Kennel Club Obedience Trials. The Obedience Trials were such a success that the club decided to expand further - and enter into the world of Conformation. Again the Sanction Matches were held - and the rest is history.

The BRCA initially offered only one Conformation and Obedience show per year, but after receiving great responses from our exhibitors, we took the initiative to expand our horizons even more and started offering two, three day Canadian Kennel Club Conformation and Obedience Shows per year.

Today we are still going strong! The BRCA membership has grown, but we remain a small club by many standards. We are all working club members, which is what is needed for an organization to succeed.

The club has been fortunate to have an affiliation with the Camrose Regional Exhibition for many years. Their help and cooperation has been valuable in enabling the club to host out two successful All Breed Dog Shows per year.

The Battle River Canine Association calls Camrose, Alberta home, but we do not limit our membership to the Camrose area. New members are always welcome!